Noumenons, 2nd Edition

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sqNoumenons2 copy.jpg
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Noumenons, 2nd Edition


✦ 2nd Edition 2012, Published by Blood of the Young
✦ 5.5" x 8" 
✦ 68 pages
✦ Black and white
✦ Saddle-Stitched

The noumenon should be considered in relation to the phenomenon. While a phenomenon refers to an object or situation that appears relative to our senses, such as sight or smell, a noumenon exists independent of human interaction. The noumenon is a delightfully uncontrolled, self-ruling moment. Levi Mandel’s Noumenons contains 68 pages of unregimented magic in what is our biggest publication to date.

Levi lives and works in New York City where he attends the Cooper Union School of Art. At the moment he is living in Sweden while studying abroad at the Malmö Art Academy. He has one cat, two fish, and three bicycles.

Photographs by Levi Mandel
68 pages / black and white laser print
Edition of 50: 25 on lavender/25 on cream
Shipped in hand-titled mylar package
BOTY058 | 2012

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